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Wedding Videographer



Celebrate love, family, and life! 


You only get married once, so let’s make sure we get it right!


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A wedding is pure joy!

That is why your special day goes by in a heartbeat.

My philosophy is to capture your day so when you are ready you can relive the day and not miss out on all of the beautiful details. 


I go out of my way to remain discrete and capture a naturally emotional event. 








How long before the wedding do we have to book your services?


I suggest to book as soon as possible, I have a lot of requests.

During the high season of weddings, places are rare. 

Book as soon as you can, include all the other services for your wedding. That way you will be sure to work with people that you really want.


How much does a wedding video cost?


The prices start at 1 500$.

I propose different options and like to make a personalized proposal with the bride and groom's wishes.


How do we book your services?

When you decide to have me filming your wedding, I will send you a contract with all what we agreed. 

You have to pay 30% upfront. (For the other 70%, you have 1 week after the wedding to pay for it)


Where can you travel for a wedding?


I don't have any limit for traveling for your wedding video.

Since I travel the world for video projects, documentary films, I’m used to traveling for my work which is my passion!


When will we receive the final video?


More or less 5-6 weeks after the wedding.


Why should we choose you as our wedding videographer?


I’m not going to tell you that I’m the best…

You have to choose a videographer because of your sensibility to his/her artistic eye and the feeling you have about their approach.

So if you like the way I film weddings, the emotions I bring, and simply you have a good connection… Let’s do it!


If you have any other questions, let me know by emailing me, I will be very happy to answer.

Talk soon!

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