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It's a lifelong mission to touch hearts and minds through the magic of the images.

I was honored to shoot this short film in Chiva, a small village in Armenia, where my dad was born.

This short film is inspired by his story: from a very young age, he had big dreams, to leave Chiva and become a doctor. With a lot of faith and sacrifice, he did it.

This year, I became a mother, and I want my son to know that dreams are made to come true.





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Born in Armenia, I moved to France when she was 6.

I grew up in a family where my dad often documented their lives with his camera.

Quickly I started to direct short films with my little brother as an actor.

After all these years, my passion for film became a tool for understanding the mirror reflecting society's hopes, fears, and dreams and then sharing it to provoke thought, spark conversations, and challenge preconceptions.

 Every little thing in life can be turned into incredible stories.

All we have to do is open our eyes and our mind.

Thanks! Let's talk soon.

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